Program Description

4RealMath is an enrichment program that helps underserved students overcome challenges many face with math.  4RealMath is based on the following principles

  • Older individuals bring experience, knowledge and wisdom as tutors and mentors to underserved students.
  • Underserved students learn best when they can relate what they are learning to what they know in the real world.
  • Inadequate preparation in Math leads to difficulties in high school and college.

Program Objective

There are high schools in America where not a single student is proficient in math according to state standards. The U.S. will lose its competitive edge if the issue is not addressed. Math is the gateway to STEM majors and careers. Through concentration on basic skills, engaging students in real world activities and personalized small group tutorials, we are preparing students for the college STEM majors and careers of the future.


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Gen2Gen National Encore Prize

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After School & Summer Programs

Basic skills review and interactive instruction that students can relate to for better understanding of challenging math concepts.

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Personalized Tutorials & Mentoring

Intensive, personalized, and supportive tutorial services in small group settings integrated into the school day or after school.

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